“Cracow Colloquium on f-electron systems” (CCFES2020) will be held at the Pedagogical University of Cracow, Poland, on June 28 – July 1, 2020.
The colloquium is organized by Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences, Pedagogical University of Cracow (PUC), in cooperation with Faculty of Mathematics and Physics (MFF), Charles University in Prague (CUNI).
Cracow Colloquium on f-electron systems was held the first time in 2015 (CCFES2015), initiated by “Prague Colloquium on f-electron systems” (PCFES), organized every two years at MFF-CUNI since 1992. After the success of CCFES2015, we decided to take a new format for the colloquium: “Prague/Cracow on f-electron systems” (P/CCFES), which is organized every two years, with the change of its location, in Prague and in Cracow. In 2018 the colloquium was held in Prague (PCFES2018) and in 2020 it is held in Cracow (CCFES2020).
CCFES2020 will focus on the topics: electronic structure, magnetism and superconductivity of f-electron systems (both lanthanides and actinides). It will cover both theoretical and experimental aspects. The colloquium will be also devoted to the field of hydrides of f-metal based materials and their technical application.
Relevant contributions from the related research topics in Condensed Matter (e.g. d-electron systems, nanomaterials, functional materials) can also be included in the scientific program of CCFES2020.
The program of CCFES2020 is based on lectures (45 minutes), invited talks (30min.) given by distinguished specialists, contributed talks (15 min.) and poster sessions.
To encourage the participation of students, a low student fee is envisaged. Besides, “the scientific session for young scientists” will be organized within CCFES2020 program. It gives the opportunity for graduate and Ph.D. students to present the results obtained in the course of their studies.

„Cracow Colloquium on f-electron systems” (CCFES2020) obywa się w dn. 28 czerwca – 1 lipca 2020r. w Uniwersytecie Pedagogicznym im. Komisji Edukacji Narodowej w Krakowie.
Konferencja CCFES2020 jest zorganizowana przez Wydział Nauk Ścisłych i Przyrodniczych Uniwersytetu Pedagogicznego w Krakowie (PUC) we współpracy z Wydziałem Matematyki i Fizyki Uniwersytetu Karola w Pradze (CUNI).
“Cracow Colloquium on f-electron systems” odbył się po raz pierwszy w 2015r. (CCFES2015), który jest cykliczną konferencją związaną z “Prague Colloquium on f-electron systems” (PCFES) organizowaną co dwa lata (odbywa się od 1992 w Pradze). Po sukcesie konferencji CCFES2015, wspólnie zdecydowano o przekształceniu konferencji tej na P/CCFES (Prague/Cracow Colloquium on f-electron systems), która obywa się co dwa lata na zmianę w Pradze i w Krakowie. W roku 2018, PCFES2018 obyła się w Pradze. A w roku 2020, CCFES2020 jest w Krakowie.

Organisers of CCFES2020